Meet the future Matarellis. Katie and I first met at Lakeside Reflection’s open house. They invited past vendors and their clients to come for a mix and mingle. They placed my wife and I inside one of their large rooms in the back. It was very nice retro style, factory-like room with tons of memorabilia on the walls. It’s certainly a site to see if you’re still looking for your venue. Make it a point to go stop by.

      Katie came by with her friend (also named Katie) looking for a wedding photographer. We chatted a bit and she was intrigued enough to want to schedule a follow up meeting, so that we did. Here’s were the story gets interesting. The day of our meeting, I went to the wrong location! Man, was I embarrassed. I was supposed to meet them in Frankfort but I went to my normal meeting spot in Lexington. And I was the one trying to figure out why they were late. It hit me like a ton of bricks but I’m thankful for them because they were obviously forgiving enough to book me for their wedding. I’m also thankful to Logan’s Steak House which beckoned them to come feast on some steaks while they waited for me to arrive.

      Now, this engagement session was a memorable one. This place should look a little familiar to those in Louisville. This is Cherokee Park designed by the famous Fredrick L. Olmsted who is known as the father of landscape architecture. Fun Fact: This guy co-designed Central Park in New York city.

      Now onto the shoot. I felt like we spent a lot of our time driving around looking for a good spot to take pictures. I’ve been here once before for engagement pictures but that couple were locals so they knew were to go. I live in Lexington and this couple lived in Indy. We were so lost! We went round and round until we eventually stopped by an open field to get started.

      As with all relationships, we find ourselves disgruntled because of arguments we have and, wouldn’t you know it, these two started off in that place. I actually couldn’t tell. Katie spilled the beans. I guess making them kiss within the first five mins of our session brought out the confession. So awkward. But that didn’t stop the kisses. I promised them great pictures and you can do engagement pictures without kisses, much less, great ones! I told them that my sessions specifically mend relationships. And, wouldn’t you know it, they were back to their old selves, just loving each other.

      I asked Robert to put Katie on his back and run towards me. I just knew that they couldn’t resist laughing hysterically about it. I mean, come on, it’s horse play (pun intended).

      After driving around a bit more, we found the beloved Big Rock Park. Supposedly, this is THE spot to visit if you’re visiting Cherokee park. It’s a nice area that offers a beautiful backdrop of nature. My favorite park is the long flat rocks that shores the river.

      Afterwards, we stopped to grab burgers at this local spot called Stout Burgers & Beer. I’m a huge fan of burgers and beer as a combo so this was right up my alley. They were kind enough to treat me. I have the best clients around!