Am I a Covenant LX Bride?

      Disclaimer! This is just a guide. It’s not a “you have to subscribe to all these points or else” kind of thing. The Photographer is with you the whole day. We pretty much carry the day in our hands so if we’re not your ideal photographer then we can really put a damper on your wedding.

      I want to let you know about the brides that we’ve had in the past that left us 5-star reviews which will allow you to know if I’m the guy you want walking you through this process. At the end, if you feel like you’re a Covenant LX bride then please get in touch.

      You Like to Laugh

      Now everyone enjoys laughing but not everyone looks for reasons to laugh. The brides we’ve had in the past mostly enjoy hearing and telling jokes. They are fun light-hearted people who aren’t afraid to try silly pictures and to do fun poses.

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      You Are Easy Going

      You want what you want but you don’t hold hit with a tight fist. You understand that things don’t always go as planned but you’re ok with that because what’s truly important to you are spending your special day with loved ones and marrying your best friend. Our past brides suggested things to us and I happily did my best to fulfill those needs. However, as we all know, time is usually against us on wedding days so they probably weren’t able to get mimic that Pinterest board picture but they we just pleased with their amazing experience they had  and all the other portraits we capture of them.

      You Enjoy in the Details

      You’re into Pinterest because you like the details. You don’t want to just put some chairs together, set up some tables, and call it day. No. You want your ceremony and reception to have some style. Some flair! You yourself also want to have some style. You probably spent a little extra time picking out your dress and made sure your groom picked out the right tux to match how fly you’re going to be on your wedding day. You have Pinterest boards galore! You want to create a masterpiece of a wedding day down to the last detail so that it looks cute, modern, classy, beautiful, and memorable.

      Our past brides loved the fact that I spent time photographing the details of their wedding. Everything from center pieces, to bow-ties, to gowns, and bathrobe embroideries. I recognize that you spent a lot of time picking it out and a lot of money purchasing these items so I’m going make sure we document it.

      You Value Diversity

      Ethnic, age, and background diversity is something our brides valued. It was evident in who they invited to their wedding and even those people who they asked to participate as a member of their bridal party. I make sure to be tender and patient with the seasoned relatives and am mindful to make sure that those who normally fade to the back feel cared for and welcomed.

      The Camera Loves You

      Are you always looking for opportunities for a selfie or trying to photo bomb a picture? Our past brides wanted to make the most of their portraits. They really valued the portraits of themselves with their groom and the whole bridal party. They enjoyed posing and showing off their good side. Our time with our bridal parties were some of the best moments of the wedding day.

      Do We Gel

      So if you feel like I’m speaking to you and that you’ll enjoy having me follow you two around the whole day then click that button below so we can get this thing started! I look forward to meeting you!


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