I’m thrilled to say that the Devine couple’s engagement session is all done. I really enjoyed this couple. They are both reserved individuals or are very much into one another. I can always tell this if I can tell the two to look at each other and they begin talking to each other. Granted, that’s not the number one way to tell but you get what I mean. It makes it so easy to get great shots when the couple is talking and laughing with one another.

      One thing that I noticed about this session while I was editing the pictures was that, these two seemed like they could do an amazing styled session on a beach somewhere. Some of these pictures were veryyy….I just don’t know the word for it. They were model-like. Not in the traditional sense but some of these pictures and poses seem magazine worthy because the emotion is there. I just loved it.

      I’m glad that Brittany found me through Google. These two will be getting married in Dry Ridge, KY at The Josephina. This will be my second time photographing a wedding there and they definitely picked a good venue. It’s one of those places where you don’t have to go to several locations the whole day. Both bride and groom can get dressed there (in there own suites), do the First Look, host the ceremony and reception.

      The picture below is by far my favorite. I’m not sure if I ever taken a picture like this. It almost looks like they’re at the beach on a pier. Their love and happiness can certainly be felt in this one.

      November 24th is the date. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting there wedding pictures after. In the meantime, go see the rest of their engagement pictures here: Devine Engagement