I had the privilege of photographing the Devine wedding and what a Devine wedding it was! I met these two for the first time for their engagement session at Triangle Park. That post is worth the look because I think I took some of my best shots to-date during that session.

      These two chose a wonderful venue to tie the knot: The Josephina! This will be the second wedding I photographed here and they stay consistent with their superstar service and beautiful barn-style decor.

      These arches make a beautiful walkway to the Bridal Suite!

      When I arrived, I photographed the Brittany (bride) and her wonderful ladies in their spacious bridal suite. One thing that I always like to see are the gifts to the bridal party because they’re always different and unique. What I definitely liked about her gifts to the maids was that they were useful. I think the usual MO is to find things to embroider or objects to carve initials into but as one of Brittany’s ladies, you’d receive a candle, two Farm House Fresh body moisturizers (cruelty free!), a $10 Starbucks Gift Card, a pink pencil, Spearmint Gum, matches, a White Barn candle, annnnnndddd…. Drumroll please…. an 8oz Yeti! I love how each item had practical use and you could actually see yourself using these things. No junk draw objects here.

      There’s nothing like having a good group of friends to spend an important day with

      One special person of this day was the brother of the bride who would stand in for her dad. What are brothers for, right? They fill in when needed. Because he acted as the father, the plan was to do a first look with him as well…well… that didn’t work out so great but in a humorous way. While I was taking the bride and groom around this amazing property, we ran into him several times. Gladly, it didn’t make or break the day. They were will cool about it and we still faked a first look. Does it look real?

      Ok maybe not that last one.

      So one thing I didn’t know about this venue that I didn’t get to see the first time I was here was the small suites that family and close friends can rent out if they would like to stay the night. This also works well for newly-weds who don’t want to have to drive off somewhere to spend the night. I’m sure the next decent hotel is at least 30mins away. These suites where gorgeous. It’s its own tiny studio with charming fixin’s.

      This is where I met the Thomas (groom) and the groomsmen. They were packed like sardines watching the game but they managed to peel their eyes away to give me a friendly greeting which meant a lot to me because I consider it of great importance that I gel well with the whole bridal party and not just the bride and groom. After meeting them, I knew it was going to be an entertaining day.

      The ceremony was definitely something to remember because there were people on both floors gazing at the alter which indirectly allowed everyone to feel the importance of what was actually taking place. They were peering over the banisters surrounding the couple with loving gazes.

      One final memorable structure was this mountain of deliciousness from Pink in the Blanket Doughnuts. Ah, just look at it. Donuts on top of donuts smothered in sugar. Ugh, it doesn’t get any better than that. Donuts are definitely making an appearance at a good number of weddings these days and though I like a good slice of cake, it’s fun to be different. This was certainly a nice touch.

      Favorite Picture of the Day

      I don’t have too much to say about this picture. I think it’s just the way it makes me feel when I look at it. I see love. I see care. I’m just happy I got to capture this moment.

      Mr. and Mrs. Devine, may you have a long and happy marriage that’s full of love and tenderness!

      Vendor List

      Bartender – Cincy Bartiste

      DJ – DJ Connection