Working with Covenant

      What if a package doesn't fit what I want?

      The packages are merely a way for you to get in the ballpark of what you want. Every wedding is different because the people are different. All of the choices are al a carte. The packages that you see on the investment pages are only what most couples have done. Feel free to scrap those packages and build yours from the ground up.

      Do you work only in Lexington, KY

      No, of course I can travel all around the States and even overseas if it’s necessary to meet your requests. Obviously, all traveling expenses, like mileage, flights and hotel fees will be included in a price tag and have an impact upon the wedding costs.I always inform my customers of all such additional expenses beforehand…

      How can I make a reservation for my wedding?

      You can write to me at andre{at}covenantlx.com or call me at 513.765.0432 and then we can meet each other at a place most convenient for you. If you are out of state then we can arrange contact via FaceTime or any video conference service. So if you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer I will give you a contract that certifies and confirms all your choices. Also it will require a $300 deposit that will be deducted from your total wedding cost. The contract is based on the standard agreement that all photographers in the industry are using.

      When is payment due? Can I do a payment plan?

      Payment is due in full 30 days before your wedding day. But there is a $300 retainer fee due to lock in your date. Not to worry, this retainer fee is not in addition to your final payment. It will be subtracted from you.

      Yes you can do a payment plan. We can pretty much do any monthly price that you want with a minimum first payment of $300 to solidify your date (as stated above) but the full price must be paid 30 days prior to the wedding date. If full payment cannot be made by the 30 day mark then you will forfeit your $300 deposit and the remaining will be returned to you.

      When will my pictures be ready? Video?

      Wedding pictures will be ready 60 days after your wedding ceremony.

      Wedding videos will be ready 90 days after your wedding ceremony.

      Could be sooner but never later 😉

      What's your photographic style?

      My photographic style tends to revolve around fun, vibrance, and brightness with a pinch of elegance. As you look through my portfolio, you’ll see many colors and emotions lift of the page (or screen, depending on how you’re viewing them). I always draw my inspiration from watching how the couple behaves themselves and communicate with each other while not in front of the camera. Then I try to recreate or immediately capture those moments of sincerity on film. Now, I said a “pinch of elegance” but I really like a healthy dose of it. I love the soft, beauty pictures that highlights your good looks, dress, jewelry and anything else that you put time into creating.

      How important a location for the pictures quality and diversity?

      I find that location matters to an extent. Yes, beautiful pictures are easily captured in a grand cathedral than someone’s dirty bedroom. However, I’ve seem some not so beautiful spaces be turned into nice rooms with a little TLC. I always tell my couples to bring in as much natural light as possible and do away with florescent lighting. It’s hard to keep rooms clean when many ladies are getting dressed but it is necessary for great getting ready pictures. Lastly, you can look on Pinterest and get some pointers on how to turn some spaces around. You’ll be a regular ol’ Joanna Gaines!

      How much do I spend for a wedding photography, roughly?

      Well, it’s pretty difficult to estimate a price because each wedding is a unique situation and many nuances and requirements can influence it. The cost will depend on couple’s needs. The best thing to do is to get in touch with me.

      May I choose a photography album?

      No doubt about it! We can offer 10x10, 12×12, or 14×14 sized linen albums put together with the print strong, lay-flat print! This is the strong and durable paper that will last you years upon years. It is even a bit denigrating to refer to it as to a “traditional” photograph albums because they are more similar to decorative pieces. You must absolutely see them, they are skillfully and wonderfully designed. As I don’t like photo-books, I simply do not recommend it , I think it is not suitable for your coffee table or mantle.

      How are you today?

      I'm doing well! Thanks for asking.