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      Brighten it up. We want to see you!

      Our first mark of photography style. We want our pictures to be bright. We shoot to have that kind of bright that dilates the pupil. Pictures that you don’t have to squint to see.

      Pictures can be stressful. Let’s have fun.

      Not everyone is a picture person. And it can be weird to have a guy follow you around on your special day with a camera documenting your every move. Well, we want to make every moment fun. We aren’t stern. We joke. We play. We laugh. Let’s have fun.

      Colors exist so we can see them.

      Take a look at our pictures and stand back because the colors are jumping off the page. We enjoy all the colors and how they dwell together. We’ll be sure to capture those details during the wedding day.


      Before any wedding, there’s a love story to be told…

      Use this unique service as an opportunity to capture your youth, passion and love’s beauty on film… The photos that get out of a “love story” photoshoots are usually touching, funny and very charming… I can tell, as throughout my experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve done many of those. What I always saw, is that each single couple is absolutely unique. This makes it even more special and meaningful to capture both of yours uniqueness on camera! Also, as the “love story” photo shoot is usually followed by a priorly planned wedding, it can serve as an amazing romantic stepping stone before that big day comes…


      The most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear!

      Bride’s only wear their dresses once. It’s unfortunate because brides spend good, hard-earned money on them. So I proposed that you wear it more than once. A Bridal Session is where you will put on your dress and come to a park (or wedding venue) to get some pictures taken for about 2 hours. This way, we aren’t trying to cram in a 2 hour session within your wedding day for some great, un-rushed wedding dress shots. Now don’t be afraid if you don’t want to opt into this session. If you plan carefully, any bride can get some really great shots during the wedding day. Just consider this if you’re running short on time.

      This should also be considered if you’d like a styled session anywhere in the US. Yes, we travel.

      Family Photography

      First comes love, then comes marriage, then what…?

      Don’t stop your photo taking after you are married. We want to encourage you to continue documenting your lives. Family pictures, like your wedding pictures are a joy to look back on. Visit our sister company to book your family pictures after your wedding.

      Capture the Vision Photo & Video

      Photo Albums

      The Perfect Accent to Your Coffee Table!

      Let’s face it, and this is the God to honest truth. Are you ready? No one is going to come to your house and ask you to look at your Facebook page so that they can see your wedding pictures. They won’t. They just…won’t. Or you could tell me when was the last time you went to someone house and asked for theirs. You know what people do gather around? Photo albums. Do you remember the last time you were in the presence of a photo album of a friend or family member? Remember what you did? Let me jog your memory. You picked it up, looked at it slowly and carefully, laughed, and maybe even shed a tear. That’s not so much with digital copies. Now, they certainly have their place. But that place isn’t your coffee table or your mantle (as if they ever could sit there). Photo albums and prints are great to have in the home so that you can truly relive those great memories of the day you said “I do” to that amazing person you’re married to.