Prepare Your Space

      You will soon wake up on your wedding day and go to the room where you will eat some flapjacks, sip mimosas, and prepare your hair and make-up. While all of this is going on, it’s easy to neglect the cleanliness of your space. Since you’re getting pictures taken and filming done in this space, it’s without a doubt that it’ll all be visible in your finished product. Read the tips below to help reduce this background clutter.

      Designated Maid

      Consider designating someone to hang around and maintain the space during the day. They can wipe counters, pick up trash, and do some tidying. If you choose to do this, try not to pick a bridesmaid or your mother. You want them to enjoy their day with you and that’s not the way they expect to do so. However, you can encourage your bridesmaid to clean up after themselves and to make sure all their clothes, curling irons, and combs are neatly tucked away in their bags or neatly placed on the bathroom counters.

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      All on One Wall

      Let’s face it, there’s going to be stuff in every room. Consider moving everything you aren’t using to one side of the room. That way, I can shoot away from that wall and capture pictures with a more pleasant background and scenery. You can even designate one room to be the clutter room where you place everything you aren’t using somewhere away from the common area.