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Piercy Wedding

Adam + Jamie

I got really muddy during this wedding thanks to the heavy rains but I think the video turned out great!

Bentley Wedding

Ryan + Christine

What an awesome day with the Bentleys. They had a high energy wedding with some pretty amazing people. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Camarca Wedding

Tony + Sara

I actually graduated from high school with Sarah. I never thought I’d be filming her wedding day. I wasn’t the only one from high school in attendance either. What a fun day!

Stewart Wedding

Derek + Kayla

I love this couple. They had me come down to little ol’ Barbourville, KY. That was my first time being there. The campus where they got married was such a beautiful tranquil place. I am also well acquainted with their other relatives. I’m happy to be a part of the family.

Littles Wedding

Desmond + Hayley

The Littles are good friends of mine and I was elated to be able to video their event. You can tell they had a blast as did everyone else.