Live on the big screen! Well maybe not the big screen. However big your screen is, we want you to live! We make sure to capture the lives of our couples. Who they are. What they do. How they interact. So you’re not watching a commercial but a documentary about your two families becoming one.


      Cameras can be intimidating but please laugh. Please do. Weddings are fun and are a joyous occasion. We’re going to come and laugh with you. We aren’t just the hired help. We are extra bridal party members who come to enjoy the day. Say cheese!


      And most importantly, love. Weddings are a shadow of what is to come which is great love. You two will propelled into a lifestyle of love. Lets get a glimmer on your wedding day. Get close. Hug. Kiss. Stare deeply into each others eyes. You’ll just melt once you see the video of your love.


      Your Engagement.

      Postcards are easy. Simple. They get the job done but try going over and beyond. It is nice to get a letter in the mail but videos are much more captivating. Videos are the piece of media that breaks the internet! With this add-on, I will meet up with you two to create a 60-second announcement video for you to launch on your wedding website and share on your social media pages where your loved ones can like and share. These videos can be interview style, action, or just pop! Give your family and friends a fun-filled video to announce your big day.

      Love Story

      All couples have a love story. Share yours! This is a 3-5min video of you and fiancee talking about your journey to where you are now. Go from the awkward first date, through the ups and downs, and leading up the engagements. This will be a great things to show at your wedding rehearsal dinner and/or at your wedding reception just before the DJ announces you. And not only is this a really cool thing to have but it’s also really fun to make. Spend a day with us, going to around the city to your favorite dating spots and frequent stores you like to visit. It’ll be your own mini movie.

      Highlight Reel

      Your normal wedding video will be about an hour and a half long. We’re going to capture everything. There will be a montage of videos then slowing down on the meaningful moments. The highlight reel gives you all the memorable moments in 5-10mins. Something short and sweet to allow you to add an awesome video on your phone to show people quickly.


      Our Services